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Collaboration is on every lip: everyone agrees that collaboration at work is important! Meanwhile, few people know how to collaborate effectively. Here are four strengths to master for better collaboration within a team. We’re not aiming for each person demonstrate all of these strengths: what’s important is that they all be present within the team.
What do you think these strengths may be?


Finding commonalities between different colleagues, teams, projects or ideas comes naturally to you: you work for your organization (with a capital “O”), are community-minded and know how to rally the troops. You like to strike two birds with one stone: combining and converging the efforts of several others with the same actions. You’re known for your ability to unite forces towards shared goals.



You fully experience the power of networking. You understand that it’s better to build bridges than to burn them. If the organization was a spider web, we’d find you at the heart of it. You have connections with many people, and easily orient yourself within the organization – some would even say you have the map! Others naturally come to you to ask, “Do you know anyone in this sector?” And if you don’t know the person directly, you undoubtedly know someone who knows someone.



You possess the distinct ability to simultaneously perform in two ways: results in your own work AND results through collaboration within the organization. You’re willing to ask for support and also ready to give it when the opportunity arises. You’re weary of people who work more for their own benefit than for that of the organization. You enjoy working within multidisciplinary teams, where everyone can bring a unique and complementary perspective.



The strength of your commitment and sense of responsibility makes things happen. You’re “anti-standstill”: you take matters into your own hands and make sure they move forward. You are reliable and therefore trusted, and a sought-after collaborator because you don’t shy away from responsibility. You enjoy accomplishing tasks and getting things done. We can count on you to set the record straight –it’s no good trying to hide from one’s responsibility!

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