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Why is it easier to collaborate with some people than with others? Are there specific strengths that can be leveraged to foster better collaboration within a team? Do you master some of these strengths?

Why take this test? Because while everyone agrees that collaboration in the workplace is important, few understand how to collaborate efficiently. This test will help uncover your greatest strength when it comes to collaboration.

So what’s your collaborative strength?

Take the test (approx. 2 min)

This questionnaire is inspired by the book Collaboration by Morten Hansen. Images are adapted from Freepik.


I always have the reflex to share relevant information with my colleagues and even with other teams to help them advance in their work.
People naturally come to me to put them in contact with others in my network.
I am known for appreciating open discussions and intellectual debates.
I am known for making things happen.
I have significant contacts in most sectors of the organization.
In a group, I like to make commitments and to have clear deadlines.
I don’t hesitate to ensure my colleagues uphold their commitments and respect their deadlines.
I can easily rally others around common goals.
I firmly believe that my organization’s success matters more than my team’s or my success.
My network is very diverse (in terms of ideas, expertise, activity sector, profile, etc.)
I can easily find commonalities between people with different goals and ways of doing things.
If I make mistakes, I readily tell others involved that I take full responsibility.
I call upon the expertise of others (even other teams) in my work when necessary.
The organization’s mission and vision drive my actions on a daily basis.
I value working on my own tasks just as much as helping others with their work.
During events with other sectors, I take the opportunity to sit down with people I haven’t met yet.
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