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Give your team the opportunity to boost their skills

Offer your employees the knowledge they need to boost their development with a workshop tailored for their needs.

Customized workshops

You want your teams to experience a unique development opportunity by offering a training workshop on a specific topic? We can offer it! More advantageous than traditional HR training, our workshops are created like our guides, with the same eye for relevance: modern work practices are laid out thanks to a tangible, action-oriented approach.

Your managers and employees will gain all the necessary tools to quickly implement what they learned and boost their skills. You’ll be happy to witness such engagement!

Our workshops can be facilitated autonomously by your own managers and HR professionals, or call upon the Boostalab experts, as you prefer.

The creation of custom workshops includes:

  • A meeting together so that we can fully understand what you need
  • Researching and identifying content that responds precisely and relevantly to the need we identified together
  • Two rounds of validation and edits, to ensure you’re 100% satisfied
  • The facilitation material: a detailed facilitation guide, a visual presentation with adaptation rights, the participant workbook, and alignment with existing Boostalab guides.

Here are a few examples of custom workshops we've created for our clients

  • How to Renew Collaboration in an Open-plan Workspace?
  • How to Foster Trust Within a Team
  • How to Evolve the Manager’s Role
  • How to Boost Team Meetings
  • How to Lead a Discussion on Communication Styles

If you agree to make the contents available on Boostalab, so our entire community can benefit from it, you’ll get a 50% rebate.


Contact us to get more information. Tell us the name of your organization and which topic interests you. We will get back to you shortly.


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