6 Steps to an Outstanding Pitch

Imagine that you’re a business owner and that you’re given the opportunity to sell your idea to a group of investors. You’ll need an outstanding pitch and—trust us on this!—you better be prepared. Most of the time, you’ll have as little as one or two minutes to convince your audience, even if your presentation time is technically longer. People’s attention span is shrinking, which means that the first minutes are crucial to your success. The “elevator pitch” technique is your best bet: you have between the 2nd and the 17th floor to get your audience on board with your goal.

Whether you’re a business owner or not, you can use this technique to secure buy-in from the management committee, or to get colleagues rallied around a project. While this technique doesn’t guarantee your results—so many elements can influence how a message is received, including body language, tone of voice, attitude, etc.—you will have structured your content in a winning manner!


  • When the stakes are high in terms of influence, and you can’t afford to miss.
  • When you’re aware that whoever you’re talking to will only listen for a few minutes before taking control of the conversation… or exiting the elevator!
  • When you’ve already been told that you should better structure or synthesize your presentation.
  • When you want to have a real impact!


  • Prepare your message using the steps outlined on the following page.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you master your message, the more attentive you can be to all the elements that surround it: your audience’s responsiveness, emotional reactions, your own demeanor…
  • Practice your pitch in front of an actual audience—colleagues or friends—to get their feedback and improve what needs improving.




  • How to Prepare an Influencing Strategy
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