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Some leaders seem to believe that all that’s required to magically effect change is to give employees a new directive. Yet, no one appreciates having decisions imposed upon them, especially when they impact their way of doing things. In fact, the best change is the change we create ourselves! Keeping this in mind, the best way to get people on board is to involve them, using various change strategies.

You may be thinking ʺIf we have to get everyone to participate, we’ll never get it done!ʺ

Sometimes, a single communication may be enough for people to feel involved. Other times, they need to be consulted or to play a greater part. A good rule of thumb is that the greater the change is, the more people need to be involved (and the sooner the better). One thing is certain: this tool gives you several strategies and tactics to help people feel like they are part of the change.


  • As soon as the change process starts, in order to properly plan how to involve other people.
  • As you’re progressing, to make sure that you’re properly aligned with the people who are or will be affected by this change.


  • You can fill out this tool on an individual basis.
  • You can also bring together your natural team, your project team or a management committee to push this reflection further.
  • You can ask the people impacted how they’d like to be involved by suggesting different forums through which they can contribute.


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