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In order to rally team members and overcome the normal apprehensions that come with adopting new work practices, we must be able to clearly communicate around change and proactively answer the questions which will inevitably arise. One of the best tricks is to look at this communication from the point of view of those on the receiving end: What do they need to know? What is useful to them? What would make them adhere to the change following this communication? Avoid listing the benefits of change from an efficiency or a financial standpoint – these aren’t the reasons that motivate people to get to work in the morning.

With well-targeted messages, people must feel they can overcome the challenges ahead, and survive the adventure. The whole experience will be easier if communication surrounding the change targets the head, the heart and the hands (reason, emotion and call to action).


  • As soon as a change gets under way, to think about the way to communicate it and get people on board.
  • As you’re progressing, frequently, to make sure that communications are well aligned with how people are experiencing this change. Well-crafted communication is never extraneous!


  • You can prepare a first version of your message on an individual basis.
  • Validate your message with your colleagues: Does it meet the goals you had established? Is it clear for them?
  • You could even validate it with someone directly impacted by the change. They’ll be able to tell you if your message answers their questions or meets their needs.


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