How to Lead a Discussion on Communication Styles - Workshop Kit

You seek greater harmony in team communications, to help everyone to work better together? You’re looking for a way to get to know each other better and to solidify the team? By discussing communication styles as a team, our collective and individual well-being can be quickly and greatly improved. You don’t have enough time to get material together for the workshop? You want more suggestions of things you can do to discover communication styles and discuss this as a team? Download this full 1h30 workshop kit.



Ask each participant to complete the online test beforehand and to bring their results. Print copies of the quick-reference guides (enough to cover every possible style within the team):



Download this tool that gives you a simple way to lead the discussion on communication styles:  How to Lead a Discussion on Communication Styles.



This PowerPoint presentation includes:

  • very precise presentation notes
  • all the necessary visuals for an impactful presentation
  • a quiz “Discover your colleagues’ communication styles”


Inspiration: Solange Cormier, La communication et la gestion.

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