How To Lead a Discussion on Communication Styles

Misunderstandings, not getting one’s point across, diverging interpretations: between colleagues, we talk and write to each other on a daily basis. Yet, how is it that communicating with some colleagues is easier than with others?

We can spend a lot of time and effort studying our own strengths and improving our weaker areas. And while working on our own is good, communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum! By discussing communication styles as a team, our collective and individual well-being can be quickly and greatly improved. Recognizing, valuing and appreciating differences is an important step towards better team performance. We need analytical, directive, expressive and kind communicators in every context.

This tool gives you a simple way to lead a team discussion on communication styles, once all team members have completed the test. No need to have special workshop facilitation skills or to be an expert on communication styles!


  • You seek greater harmony in team communications, to help everyone to work better together.
  • You’re looking for a way to get to know each other better and to solidify the team.


  • Plan a 90-minute meeting.
  • Ask each participant to complete the online test beforehand and to bring their results.
  • Follow the sequence outlined in this tool.


  • You don’t have enough time to get material together for the workshop? You want more suggestions of things you can do to discover communication styles and discuss this as a team? Download the full workshop kit, which includes:
  • A PowerPoint presentation with:
    • very precise presentation notes
    • all the necessary visuals for an impactful presentation
    • a quiz “Discover your colleagues’ communication styles”
  • A reference guide for participants.

Materials are available here with the Pro membership.

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