10 Opportunities to Encourage Authenticity During a Job Interview

Have you ever noticed how a standard hiring process often brings a candidate to offer formatted answers that don’t tell us very much about them? There are several possible explanations to this. It may be that candidate doesn’t dare to reveal themselves entirely as they are, by fear of displeasing, especially when a coveted position is at stake. It may also be that they don’t know themselves well, which makes giving specific answers more difficult. Or, it may just be that they are repeatedly asked the same questions at every job interview.

There are already several well-documented ways to assess task-specific skills. On the other hand, while self-awareness and motivation are important factors to validate during a hiring process, there are fewer practical tools available to do so. With this tool, we provide you with 10 opportunities to encourage authenticity from candidates, whether during key moments of the interview process or through specific topics to address. You’ll also find a guide explaining the different dimensions of self-awareness, so that you can identify which aspects are important for the position you are looking to fill.

Careful! The goal isn’t to replace your current hiring process, but to improve it with tips and tricks which encourage more authenticity from candidates.


  • You want to hire skilled candidates who can also demonstrate emotional intelligence and maturity.
  • You also want to choose employees who are motivated by organizational goals, and whose interests are directly linked to the role they will be called upon to play.


  • Identify the aspects of self-awareness that are important for the position (e.g., assertiveness or development orientation) and will be included in the interview questions. Use the “9 Dimensions of Self-Awareness” guide included below as a reference.
  • Among the opportunities outlined in this tool, choose which ones you want to incorporate in your current process.
  • Use the interview questions provided, or prepare questions with which you feel comfortable.




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Catherine Bédard

Catherine Bédard s’intéresse à la gestion et au développement des compétences pour faire des organisations des milieux humains et porteurs de sens. Avec Mathieu Guénette, elle a coecrit en 2017 et à titre personnel « Le Candidat viscéral: un guide pratique en sélection pour un regard approfondi sur le candidat ». CRHA,…

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Mathieu Guénette

Conseiller d'orientation depuis 1998, j'oeuvre autant auprès des organisations (à travers des processus d'évaluation de potentiel pour de la sélection) que des individus. Je suis l'auteur de plusieurs ouvrages dont le guide en sélection "Le candidat viscéral" co-écrit avec Catherine Bédard. Le livre a reçu le prix professionnel de l'Ordre…

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