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Since the beginning of this meeting, you’re wondering exactly why you’re there, and thinking that you could have been just as easily informed via email. Further, you notice that as time goes by, the discussion is getting further away from the topic at hand. And worse, a person whose role is essential in advancing the matter isn’t even at the meeting! So, you find yourself stealthily working on another critical matter that’s on your mind. When the meeting ends, you’re finally able to start working for real.


No one needs to be convinced of the importance of having efficient meetings. The basic principles required for such a meeting are well known: bringing the right people together to discuss the right topic at the right time, for example, or producing a tangible result. But how can we truly implement these principles? How can we take it one step further?


And what about you? Where do you stand on this? Are you ready to question your team meetings? This guide gives you a template so that you can perform, as a team, a health check of your meetings. You can then decide – together – what you’ll commit to implement right away. Have a great, efficient meeting!


  • You feel like your meetings could be more purposeful, less frequent, or more efficient.
  • You want to question your habits as a team.
  • A new colleague or a new project gives you the opportunity to take a step back and identify how to improve your meetings.


  • By organizing a meeting dedicated to examining, as a team, your meeting practices.
  • By doing this work individually, by reflecting on the meetings you are leading.
  • By remembering that the responsibility of efficient meetings is a collective one that doesn’t solely fall on the organizer or the facilitator.


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