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One of your colleagues is currently experiencing a major shock in their personal or professional life? For instance, this person may be dealing with grief, a loss or a serious accident that has turned their life upside down and brought with it a lot of challenges and changes.


Fortunately, in the face of adversity, there are levers to activate resilience, i.e. the ability to adapt to a traumatic event and then continue to develop normally. And the good news is that resilience can develop, just like a muscle that is “trained” regularly!


In this guide, you will find concrete and easy to implement ways to foster resilience in your colleagues.


It complements another Boostalab guide entitled “How to Reinforce Your Resilience” which precedes this one. We strongly recommend that you consult this other guide in order to fully understand the subject, or if you yourself are faced with a shock and wish to activate your own resilience.



  • One of your colleagues is experiencing a major shock and you would like to develop your empathy in order to better understand the reactions surrounding this situation.
  • You want to foster a safe and resilience-building environment for this person.


  • Demonstrate empathy.
  • Activate resilience boosters.


Note: Coping with a traumatic event is never easy. Do not hesitate to invite your colleague (or yourself) to consult a health professional or to use the Employee Assistance Program.


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