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We all face difficult situations, be it on a personal or a professional level. Since these situations come with unpleasant thoughts, emotions and sensations, we try to get rid of them, or sweep them under the carpet. There, gone! Maybe in the short term. Truth is, we have little control over the thoughts and emotions that emerge from within us. Our reflex is often to fight them off instead of understanding them as they are: travellers passing through.

If we can’t avoid these difficult thoughts and emotions, we can certainly learn how to deal with them more serenely. A very useful way to do this is by developing our observation skills, so that we can make conscious choices that bring us closer to what really matters.

This guide helps develop the habit of looking inwards and paying attention to the thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise, sometimes without us being fully aware that they are there. It doesn’t give all the answers, but provides an approach to become more connected to our experiences.


  • You’re experiencing a situation or a change that triggers spiraling thoughts, emotions and difficult sensations.
  • You want to explore (in a different way), the difficult situation you’re experiencing right now, including those related to stress.
  • You want to pay attention to your behaviours, to your automated reflexes, to your habits and your coping strategies when facing difficult situations.


  • Use this tool as often as you need, one difficult situation at a time.
  • Practice putting words on your reactions, take notes, validate your impressions with people you trust.


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Julie Bourbonnais

Détentrice d’un doctorat en psychologie organisationnelle, Julie possède 20 ans d’expérience comme gestionnaire, conseillère, formatrice, coach et animatrice. Elle affectionne particulièrement les démarches d'accompagnement qui permettent d’innover, ensemble, pour résoudre des problèmes complexes et accélérer les transformations requises. En parallèle, elle a aussi développé, au fil des ans, une expertise…

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Josiane Lavoie

Avec une maîtrise en psychologie et un MBA, Josiane traite avec le même doigté les aspects humains et structurels des organisations. Son expérience de près de 20 ans comme conseillère, gestionnaire, facilitatrice et coach lui permet de cerner rapidement les enjeux qui lui sont présentés.

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