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You notice, again, that Eileen isn’t respecting the quality standards established to provide consistent service to clients, despite the meeting you had the previous day on that very subject? Mark still isn’t sharing the information his colleagues need to move forward, despite your reminders? Julian’s work rhythm is still inconsistent, despite having been offered support?


Whether the question is unsatisfying performance or inappropriate behaviour, a discussion and a plan are necessary to address a performance issue directly, and go beyond simple feedback. Perhaps you are hesitating to have this discussion by fear of triggering a crisis or losing a team player? Maybe you are so discouraged by the situation that you can’t see how you can broach the subject again and look at different solutions?


Having an honest discussion on what you’re observing is a question of fairness for others, respect for the person involved, and in the interest of your clients and your organization. This guide will help you have a respectful, empathetic and honest discussion, while keeping the focus on finding solutions.


  • You notice a gap in one of your team members’ performance, and simple feedback hasn’t been enough. The situation is serious enough that you need them to understand there will be consequences if the situation isn’t resolved.
  • You need to meet one of your team members to shed light on certain behaviours that aren’t meeting expectations, or that don’t align with goals.


  • Prepare the meeting adequately: your observations must rely on facts and your intention must be specific.
  • Follow the main steps outlined in this guide to have a clear and constructive discussion, focused on solutions.
  • Above all, don’t skip the next steps you’ve committed to.


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