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Do you sometimes get irritated by a colleague who tends to interrupt or feel rushed by a colleague whose directive communication style gives the impression of imposing rather than consulting? Perhaps you find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated by your manager’s frequent lateness? At first glance, this is nothing too serious. Yet, very often, you can easily find other faults or attribute the worst intentions to them. You may even avoid working with this person. The repercussions are quickly felt in both the quality of the deliverables and the work atmosphere.


Whatever the reason, this person is probably not trying to upset you on purpose and… may even be irritated by some of your behaviour. If the connection with a colleague is difficult, it is still important to do something to prevent the situation from getting worse. How can you do this? By looking out for the other person first.


In this guide, you’ll find tangible ways to show kindness and change the way you interact with that irritating colleague.


  • Your stress level increases in the presence of this person and the relationship does not improve.
  • You want to work effectively with this person, despite your differences.
  • You would like to improve the effectiveness of teamwork currently impacted by this relationship.


  • Identify what specifically irritates you.
  • Challenge yourself to find ways to stay calm and curious.
  • With kindness and authenticity, address the situation openly.


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