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Teamwork, whether it be in a closed office or in an open-plan workspace, can be challenging in terms for productivity—both from an individual and a collective standpoint. Who hasn’t dreamt of hiding into a cave in order to avoid being interrupted by their colleagues, especially during a particularly creative impulse? The most productive teams are those where each team member is aware of the ideal conditions under which their colleagues can best perform. Here are three elements to discuss as a team, so that everyone can end the week feeling great about the work accomplished—both in terms of quantity and quality—while having contributed to collective productivity as well.


  • When kicking off a project which requires several team members to align their efforts.
  • When onboarding a new team member.
  • When you realize that your team meetings could use a boost.


  • By discussing individual work habits, so that each team member can explain under which conditions they are best able to perform.
  • By holding a planning session at the beginning of each week, to identify priorities and needs for collaboration.
  • By finishing the week with a wrap-up meeting, to foster a sense of accomplishment.


  • Team meetings can be held on a biweekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the scale and volume of work.
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