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You may be trying to reduce stress levels in your daily life without much success. You are not alone: more than 26% of Quebecers experience high levels of stress every day. Is this necessarily bad? It depends. Stress is normal and can be positive: it is an integral part of one’s development and even survival. Although stress is unavoidable, we must learn to manage it because high levels of stress, over a prolonged period, can have negative effects on ourhealth.


While you can’t control everything that goes on around you, you do have power over your stress levels. That’s good news, isn’t it?


This guide presents two approaches for developing your ability to better manage stress. Inspired by the work of Sonia Lupien, founder and scientific director of the Centre d’Études sur le stress humain, these approaches can be useful in many situations. They will help you identify patterns in the way you usually react when you experience high levels of stress and will also show you effective techniques to keep stress as a positive force!


  • You feel the need to adopt healthy stress management habits.
  • Current stress management methods are not working properly or you want to improve them.



  • By understanding how you generally react to stressful situations.
  • By analyzing a situation you’ve experienced in order to fully identify the elements that make it up.
  • By discovering the techniques you can use to deal with stressful situations.





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