How to Conduct a Team Assessment to Stay in Good Health? Boostalab

Everyone knows that getting an annual check-up with a doctor is an excellent idea. It allows us to get a clear picture of our health, and identify any small issues before they become big ones. Well, the logic of annual check-ups also applies to how teams operate.

If you’re used to reporting regularly on the advancement of projects, deliverables and goals, doing the same for how you operate as a team won’t be that difficult. Get your team together, celebrate what works, identify what doesn’t, and dare to challenge the status quo. You’ll come out healthier than ever.


  • You or your colleagues question the added value of some of your practices as a team, and you wish to bring the whole team on board to contribute to continuous improvement.
  • You’re convinced that the best solutions are found as a team.
  • It’s the end of the year, time for taking stock and making new resolutions? Perhaps not, but you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to do this!


  • In your natural team, your project team or management committee.
  • Some team members are working remotely? Why not use an online platform like Trello, a Google shared document or the whiteboard in your web conference system? This way, everyone can contribute by sharing their thoughts.


  • You can spice up the process with some complementary questions. For example: What’s energized you the most in this last period? What did you underestimate the most? What brought on outbursts of laughter? Your saddest moment? The moment you felt like your team was the best in the world? The most important thing you learned as a team? Your most magnificent failure? Your most daring idea? Etc.


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