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What if work was designed – first and foremost – for personal growth? What if, by focusing on individual development, we could not only foster global performance, but a culture where all strive to surpass themselves in a deeply human and inspiring manner?

If we’re to achieve this, we must reinvent performance management, to include more moments focused on reflection and discussion about individual development. How do we get there? By narrowing in on what’s essential: real conversations between two humans who want the best for one another.

In this guide, you’ll discover simple steps to get into the right mindset and accompany another person in their development. Your role is to ask questions, encourage reflection, and reserve judgment. You’ll see, it’s easy to do, and yet it’s a challenge. But with practice, you’ll become an outstanding coach!


  • As a manager, you wish to implement individual growth sessions with each of your team members.
  • A colleague has asked you to mentor them in their professional development, and you want to have an effective session that will truly meet their needs.
  • You’re implementing an organizational culture centered on professional development, and you want to guide your managers in their efforts to hold individual meetings on a regular basis (For example, on a quarterly basis).


  • By following the steps and using the questions suggested in this guide as your inspiration.
  • You can also invite your colleague to reflect on some of these questions in preparation for your meeting, then discuss the highlights with them.


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