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You’ve been invited to interview for your dream job? Your next performance review is fast approaching? You want to be given a promotion or ask for a pay raise? Just thinking about these meetings sends your anxiety shooting through the roof? Know that you’re not alone!


Neuroscience has shown that these types of discussions activate a panic button in most of us, and triggers a stress reaction. Why? Simply because we feel we’ll be judged and appraised, in one way or another. Our brain goes straight into its “feeling threatened” mode.


However, solutions exist to make these moments both serene and productive. The trick is to take the lead, to know ourselves, and to learn how to dose our claims. This guide will provide you with advice on how to better assert your achievements. That way, you’ll be better prepared for situations where your skills will come under scrutiny.


  • You want to prepare adequately and feel confident in a situation where you are being assessed.
  • You want to emphasize your accomplishments and be given due recognition.
  • You want to lower your stress and anxiety in preparation for these meetings.


  • Start by taking stock of your strengths and vulnerabilities, of what you’ve learned and what you’re proud of.
  • Prepare to adopt a mindset and behaviours that help lower your anxiety during the meeting.
  • Get into a new habit throughout the year: noting down your sources of pride!





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Professionnelle parfaitement bilingue comptant plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans de grandes et petites entreprises, je suis aujourd’hui consultante en développement organisationnel. Je suis reconnue pour mon énergie, mes solutions créatives et pleines de « gros bon sens » et mon travail auprès d’équipes de gestion qui ont besoin d’appui…

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