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Do you wish to define a vision, and to prioritize your actions as a team for the following year – or three? Often, words such as “vision”, “shared goal” or “strategic priorities” can evoke unending and costly consulting processes. These may sometimes be necessary. Other times, however, for a plethora of reasons, we want to do things differently.

With this tool, you’ll understand how to bring the right people together, so that you can pool your ideas for the future as a team. Keep in mind that the quality of those exchanges is as important, if not more, than the result they produce. What counts is pulling the team together around a clear direction, no matter how elegantly this vision or those priorities are stated.


  • When you feel the need to take a step back, in order to better move forward.
  • At the beginning of the calendar year or of a financial cycle.
  • When something changes within your business environment, leading you to rethink your vision and priorities.
  • Business environments evolve so quickly that you may have to do this quicker than you initially thought!


  • By getting key players together in order to think about the future of your department or business unit. To get the right people around the table, think about including the following:
  • Those who really care.
  • Those who hold the knowledge or expertise to help make decisions.
  • Those who have to agree with these decisions (better to get them on board than to blindside them).
  • By planning enough meeting time (at least two hours) to go through the process described on the following page.


  • You can undertake this process from time to time, once or more every year, or make it an ongoing process. To do the latter, make sure the outcome is posted on a wall in your workplace (or on a virtual tool) so that everyone can keep contributing. When an established priority has been completed, cross it out. When a new one arises, write it down. When someone finds a better way to word the vision, add it. This way, your collective reflection grows organically, just as your priorities and challenges do.


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