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Are you ready to delegate a responsibility that’s especially dear to you? If so, you’re ready to delegate AND engage.

This tool will help you identify what you could delegate, why you may want to delegate it, and how to do it. There’s a thin line between wanting to delegate in order to free yourself from (or get rid of) a task, and doing so to empower, engage or develop a person.

Some elements will make this delegation more efficient: speaking to someone’s interests, delegating outcomes rather than activities or tasks, and taking the time to discuss the needs and expectations of both parties.

One thing is certain: if you only delegate a task because you hope to get rid of it, there’s little chance that the other person will feel engaged in doing it now that it’s their turn…

So, go ahead: which responsibilities could motivate your team members while allowing you to focus on your priorities and on your team?


  • You realize that you can’t carry everything on your shoulders.
  • Someone in your team is ready to take on more responsibility or a new challenge.
  • You think that your colleague would probably accomplish a task better than you would yourself.
  • You want the workload to be better balanced between you and your team members.
  • There are a lot of good reasons!


  • Start by identifying which tasks or responsibilities you wish to delegate.
  • Choose the right person to whom you want to delegate, and confirm their interest and level of autonomy.
  • Discuss your intentions and expected results with this person.




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