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Do you believe that you have good listening skills? After all, you don’t talk over others, demonstrate that you’re actively listening by muttering “uh-huh” from time to time, and rephrase what they’re saying. Actually, it may not be enough. A study in the Harvard Business Review revealed that someone feels heard when the person they’re speaking with is an active participant in the conversation, and doesn’t hesitate to provide a contrasting point of view. How can we know when someone feels heard? When they feel energized and ready to bounce back following the conversation. Think of it as a trampoline effect.

Do your listening skills have that trampoline effect?


  • Why not now? It only takes 5 minutes.


  • Start by a self-assessment.
  • Choose to improve your listening skills.
  • Pick one element in the following list and practice it until you master it.
  • Ask for feedback from someone you trust and to whom you’ve lent an ear.
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