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Do you feel like you’re fully using all of your skills? In many organizations, we only recognize the skills someone uses in their current position and disregard the rest. If you’re only using, say, 70% of your skills, and that your colleagues are doing the same, aren’t you missing out? For organizations that wish to foster collaboration and performance within its teams, making full use of existing talents is a must.


How much do you know about your team members’ strengths and skills? What if sharing them helped the team’s productivity and adaptability? The strength of a team is much greater than the sum of its parts.


Using the Johari window technique, this guide will help you facilitate a workshop to discover the breadth of your colleagues’ skills, namely:

  • those they know they possess (public area and hidden area)
  • those they don’t (blind area and unknown area)


  • You want to discover all the skills that your team members possess, beyond their job description.
  • You want to foster engagement by calling upon your team members’ multiple talents.


  • No need for an external facilitator to lead this workshop. Follow the instructions and trust yourself.
  • Plan enough time afterwards to facilitate a group discussion about what you discovered. It’s bound to be rich.
  • Note that the skills cards have been purposely left blank. Write down specific skills related to your team’s mission.




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Richard Pineault

Je suis un passionné de développement logiciel, mais avant tout un grand joueur d'équipe. Avec mon expérience en développement logiciel et en coaching d'équipes Agiles, j'aide les professionnels RH à occuper un rôle stratégique dans la transformation numérique de leur organisation. Certaines de mes croyances : - Que les individus…

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