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As a manager, you sometimes feel that you lose sight of what some people are working on, especially those who do it remotely. Since you are accountable for the performance of your sector, you want to ensure that people are moving in the right direction and are effective.


This intention can lead you into a trap: that of interfering in people’s work, consciously or unconsciously, in order to better control the results. Research shows that a person’s autonomy is essential to their wellbeing at work and therefore, by the same token, to their performance.


How do you reconcile performance while promoting a person’s commitment, autonomy and initiative? A communication routine to regularly discuss the progress of deliverables is a good starting point. But more importantly, you need to demonstrate a benevolent intention, to be of service to the other person to give them full power over what they can accomplish. By acting as a guide who trusts their team, people will feel less threatened. As a result, they will be more open to frank discussion.


The purpose of this guide is to help you create engaging discussions to recognize when a person is moving in the right direction, identify early on possible improvements, stimulate action, and offer support as needed.



  • You feel that you are losing sight of what a person is doing and you want to intervene constructively.
  • You have the impression that your follow-ups boil down to a checklist of deliverables.
  • You want follow-up meetings to also be discussions about learning.



  • Prior to each follow-up discussion, ask the other person to provide an update on the progress of their mandates or objectives by completing the prep sheet provided on the last page of this guide.
  • Discuss together the points raised by his or her analysis.
  • Establish the next follow-up time.


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