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In many organizations, a considerable amount of time it spent interacting with colleagues. In such situations, it can be useful to create a code that clearly describes desired team standards. But what are those standards? They’re the unwritten rules, the guidelines that frame our behaviour when we work as a team, and that establish what’s acceptable and what isn’t. These norms can be formal or informal, but they have a profound influence on teams. This can explain why, in some teams, we use our strengths to their full potential, while in others we feel limited.

With clear guidelines, we build the foundation for trust. And it is only in a trusting environment that we can we feel free to be ourselves, to risk new ideas or to question the status quo. It’s from there that we can foster performance and wellbeing, day after day.

Isn’t it worth a try?


  • You dream of an even higher-performing team, and wish to implement the success factors required for more efficient team work.
  • You observe, within your team, behaviours that are against your values or those of your organization.


  • Plan a 2-hour meeting – this is bound to be a rich discussion!
  • Print a copy of the tool for each team member and make sure to have the values displayed on the screen so that every one can see them clearly in order to make their choices.
  • By following the steps outlined in this tool, establish – as a team – the values and standards that matter to your group.
  • Identify how each and every one of you will make sure to implement these commitments… and how you will uphold them!




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