How to Foster Psychological Proximity When Working Remotely

Does your organization allow remote work? Is your team spread out across several locations? While working remotely provides tremendous opportunities for autonomy, which is a key driver of engagement, it comes with its own set of challenges. When we see each other less often, we must learn to work together, and revisit the way we communicate to avoid ambiguity and unspoken resentments. By doing so, we prevent dissatisfaction and conflicts. How can we create and maintain healthy relationships with colleagues without sharing a workspace? How can we foster collaboration between two people working remotely?

Out of sight, out of mind? That’s unlikely, with these particularly efficient ways of fostering psychological proximity when working remotely. Regardless of the technological tools you used, these human-centered practices are easy to integrate in your day-to-day. All that’s required is a little preparation, openness towards continuous dialogue.


  • You are part of a team that works remotely, occasionally or on a permanent basis, and wish to build and maintain healthy relationships with your colleagues, as if you were sharing the same workspace.
  • You feel like you’re slowly losing the feeling of proximity with some colleagues you don’t see regularly.
  • Your organization now offers the opportunity to work remotely, and you worry that distance might be a challenge for your team.

You wish to increase the feeling of proximity despite the physical distance with your colleagues who are traveling.


  • Read the list of suggested actions, and pick the first 3 that you wish to implement with your team.
  • Once new reflexes have been developed, pick the next 3 actions.
  • Create a shared document titled “How to Foster Psychological Proximity Within Our Team” (with Google Docs, for example) and ask for your colleagues’ ideas!
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Boostalab How to Foster Pyschology Proximity
Boostalab How to Foster Pyschology Proximity
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