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Each one of us possesses a unique mix of strengths. Just like superheroes must learn how to harness their superpowers, individuals must learn to recognize their strengths to make the most of them. Research has shown that people who believe they’re using their strengths at work experience more positive emotions, feel more vibrant and have greater self-esteem than the people who believe they’re working with their weaknesses. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Making the most of our strengths doesn’t mean that we ignore our weaknesses—it’s all about proper dosage. Becoming more aware of our strengths and finding different ways to use them on a daily basis helps us grow and boosts our energy to accomplish what needs to be done.

May the force be with you.


  • Anytime you need to feel like a superhero.


  • Use the tool to identify your strengths. To make sure it’s really one of your strengths – or superpowers! – ask yourself the following questions:
    • Does this energize me?
    • Am I naturally attracted to this?
    • Would others see this in me?
  • Afterwards, take the time to assess how you use those strengths, and find ways to make them superpowers!


  • Ask others to assess your strengths, and compare results.
  • Do this as a team, and discover your shared powers.
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