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Our colleagues are with us daily, and thus are in a unique position to see how we’re developing within the organization, what our strengths are… and our more vulnerable areas as well. They’re well-placed to pat us on the back when we succeed, or provide advice on how to do things differently.


A team can be a fertile ground where we can learn together, develop our skills and improve in our work. Feedback is a wonderful means to this end. That said, giving feedback to a colleague is easier said than done, even if we have the best intentions (we want to help!) and whenwe word it carefully.


This guide uses the public declaration technique to implement feedback practices between colleagues, based on asking for feedback rather than simply receiving it. The public declaration technique helps us perceive feedback in a proactive light, as we’re requesting it instead of receiving it unexpectedly. Neuroscience has shown that our brain goes into protective mode when we receive unsolicited feedback, which it perceivesas a threat, making us much less receptive to this so-called “gift.”


Publicly stating what we want to receive feedback on is the best way to receive the guidance that will propel our development forward, and help make a difference.


  • You want the existing feedback practices in your team to become more human-centered (and less threatening).
  • You want to implement ongoing feedback practices and promote cooperative learning between colleagues.
  • You want to develop a learningculture within your team or your organization.


  • First, by making sure that the atmosphere in the team is one of trust and safety.
  • By encouraging each team member to state what they’d like to receive feedback on (rather than receiving it as a surprise gift!)
  • By implementing one of the practices outlined in this guide.




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