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You want to improve your team’s performance? Some elements are recognized as important contributors, namely having clear goals and creating an atmosphere where team members know they can rely on one another. However, studies have shown that one factor is even more crucial for successful teams: psychological safety.


Psychological safety helps create a climate where team members feel like they can express their ideas, have the right to make mistakes, and feel free to be themselves, even in moments of vulnerability! They are therefore more creative and resilient, collaborate better with one another, and are better able to solve complex issues. Yes, all of this!


When the feeling of psychological safety is low, impacts are quick to manifest themselves: people feel threatened and become more resistant. They momentarily lose their reasoning skills, let emotion dictate their actions, are less able to find solutions and may eventually feel powerless and unmotivated.


What conditions could be put in place to foster psychological safety within your team? With this guide, you can quickly assess the behaviours that increase the feeling of safety, be it in an individual or group setting. This process is just as valuable to managers as it is for all team members who wish to better work together!


  • You want to increase trust, collaboration and performance within your team.
  • You want to have an authentic look at yourself to assess behaviours that foster a feeling of psychological safety.


  • Start by conducting a self-assessment.
  • You can also ask each of your team members to conduct their own self-assessment, and have a group discussion about it afterwards. Are you allowed to make mistakes together?


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