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You can already picture yourself collaborating with this person you met during the job interview — they’re the perfect fit for the position, for the team and for the organization. However, after receiving your job offer, they choose to join a different organization. Ouch. You certainly don’t have the luxury of losing the best recruits! If you’re operating in a highly specialized industry, in a remote area, or in a context of labour shortage, you have a vested interest in making sure you create a tempting job offer that reflects your values, and stands apart from your competitors.


So, how can you create a compelling job offer that will help you convince this talented person to choose your organization? Job offers are akin to marriage proposals: we wholeheartedly hope they’ll be met with a positive answer! It’s essential to thoroughly prepare your offer to get the “I do!” that you’re seeking, as you rarely get a second chance… At the same time, your offer should be realistic, and be in line with what’s been offered within your organization before. Your offer is also an invitation to determine, together, a win-win agreement. Think of it as a negotiated marriage proposal!


In this guide, you’ll find what you need to prepare an irresistible offer, and to establish a solid foundation for what you hope to be a mutually satisfying relationship. You’ll also find, as a bonus, some ideas to keep your “fiancé” in mind between the proposal and the marriage celebration!


  • You’re making your first job offer to a candidate, and you wish to do it the best possible way.
  • Someone else used to oversee job offers, and now it’s your responsibility.
  • You’ve met the perfect candidate for a position, and you truly wish to welcome them to your team.
  • You want to begin the employment relationship on a “win-win” basis.


  • Starting in the job interview, by collecting information that will be useful for crafting your offer: what’s important for this future colleague when it comes to non-monetary compensation? Vacation, insurance, schedule and remote work, development opportunities, etc. These elements are essential to create a convincing job offer.
  • By carefully preparing each of the steps outlined in this guide. Any one of them could be what tips the scale in your favour.
  • By taking this opportunity to kick start your future colleague’s integration to the team.
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