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I’ve done a lot of stuff today, but nothing I was supposed to do… But where’s all this time going? Time management can lead to stress and impacts on deadlines or the quality of deliverables. Don’t worry, it’s a skill that can be developed!


There are several methods of time management. There is the (paper) checklist that allows you not to forget anything, but does not give any indication of the time frame and priority of each of the things to be done. This list serves mainly as a reminder and generates a feeling of satisfaction or… a feeling of guilt if you don’t succeed in finishing it.


There is also a more complete method with Steven R. Covey’s clock and compass theory. The clock represents our appointments, activities and commitments. It allows us to be efficient and to go faster. This is firefighter mode where we are addicted to emergency. But are we heading in the right direction? And that’s where the compass comes in and allows us to go where it matters. It allows us to focus on the real emergencies, the ones that will lead us in the right direction.


Regardless of the preferred method, it is important in the first instance to become aware of your strengths and areas of vigilance in this respect and to undertake the appropriate challenge that will make you more productive.



  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done?
  • Having trouble deciding which “emergencies” to prioritize?
  • Even if you organize your day by planning your tasks, you can’t do it?


  • Recognizing your strengths and vulnerabilities in time and priority management.
  • By identifying the pitfalls that prevent you from being productive.
  • By challenging yourself to develop appropriate behaviors to combat your pitfalls.





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