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Managers have every reason to pay attention to the atmosphere and interpersonal relationships within their team. Studies show that the best performing teams are those where members demonstrate kindness and caringtowards each other.

Still, behaviours that disrupt the work atmosphere run rampant – one in every two people report witnessing incivility on a regular basis in their workplace, and 96% of individuals report having experienced such behaviour at some time or another!

Whileit remains the organization’s and its managers’ role to establish the rules and enforce them to prevent deterioration, maintaining a healthy working atmosphere is a shared responsibility within a team. Employees should therefore be aware that they’re expected to act civilly, namely establishing and maintaining relationships that show respect, collaboration, politeness, courtesy and proper manners. This includes behaviours as specific as avoiding dominating a conversation without regard for others, ensuring the cleanliness of the physical workplace, or apologizing when arriving late to a meeting.

This tool provides six ways to promote a healthy working atmosphere, whether in prevention or in intervention mode.


  • Anytime! Maintaining a good working atmosphere is a legal obligation in many countries, states or provinces.


  • By acting preventively, e.g., by expressing explicit expectations, or by recruiting people who adhere to your organizational values.
  • By taking swift action when disruptive behaviours manifest themselves.


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Josiane Lavoie

Avec une maîtrise en psychologie et un MBA, Josiane traite avec le même doigté les aspects humains et structurels des organisations. Son expérience de près de 20 ans comme conseillère, gestionnaire, facilitatrice et coach lui permet de cerner rapidement les enjeux qui lui sont présentés.

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