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Have you ever said something along the lines of “If only we were better at… our team would have a much greater impact”? Do you feel like the strengths present in your team could be called upon even more to foster your team members’ development?


In a classic scenario, teams set improvement or development goals, implement an action plan and decide on performance indicators so that they can follow up on their progress… or lack thereof. Sound familiar?


What if you set a team challenge instead? A challenge that — without being linked to compensation or to an individual development plan — is motivating, achievable in the short term, and gets everyone to roll up their sleeves, as a team?


This guide tells you how to take a road less travelled — one that’s more motivating and transformative — so that your team can see itself through a new viewpoint… and exceed its own expectations.


  • You want to foster your team’s autonomy and responsibility when it comes to professional development.
  • You want to activate individual and team development in the flow of their daily work..
  • You want to engage the team in taking on exciting challenges it determines for itself.


  • By having a 5-step team discussion that starts by identifying an exciting team challenge and that concludes by everyone’s commitment to surpass themselves to achieve it.
  • Plan a 2-hour work session.


  • Kegan, Robert & LaskowLahey, Lisa, Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization, Harvard Business Review Press, 2009.


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