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Learning is something we do every day and throughout our lives. Just like humans, organizations have their own evolutionary process that requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves to stay in the race. In a context of uncertainty, knowledge becomes a strategic resource for companies and learning is a driving mechanism in the race for innovation, performance or survival. Learning methods are undergoing radical change and must be different from those of yesterday. While it is possible to learn individually, it is even more interesting and fulfilling to learn as a team.


Learning the key behaviours of a learning team first and then mastering them will allow your team to work together in challenging contexts, to adjust quickly, to build on its strengths and experiences, to recognize its limits and be bold enough to explore new things, even if they are uncomfortable and risky.


This guide will help you to quickly identify where you are as an individual and where your team is in relation to the behaviours that need to be put in place to promote learning.



  • You see the speed at which different learning evolves and you wonder how you can and should follow suit.
  • You want to take an authentic look at yourself and your team with respect to the essential skills for a learning team.
  • You want to take action and be part of a learning team.



  • Start by doing the suggested self-diagnosis.
  • You can also ask each member of your team to do the self-diagnosis and then hold a discussion on the subject together.
  • Develop your learning culture and repeat the exercise periodically to assess your progress.



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