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You’re hearing more and more about mentoring? It’s no surprise that this practice is really taking off in organizations. In 2017, more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. offered a mentoring program to their employees. The benefits of mentoring are numerous and well documented, whether in terms of improving employee retention, increasing their chances of promotion or increasing job satisfaction. Mentoring programs are therefore popular with leaders who want to invest in strategies that will have a positive impact on their entire organization, including employees.


Mentorat Québec defines mentoring as a means of development and learning, based on a voluntary, free and confidential interpersonal relationship, in which an experienced person (the mentor) invests their acquired wisdom and expertise to foster the development of the skills and abilities of another person (the mentee). The mentee then develops their confidence, abilities and chances of success in achieving their personal and professional goals.


This guide introduces you to the essential elements for the successful implementation of your mentoring program.



  • You aim to develop a learning culture that emphasizes mutual support and the sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • Your organization is going through a major transition (repositioning, growth, the arrival of many young employees, increased diversity, digital transformation, etc.).
  • Your employees are going through professional transitions (professional integration of young employees, change in management culture, retirements, new responsibilities, etc.).



  • First, identify what you are aiming for through a mentoring program.
  • Provide tools and encouragement to those involved so that they play their role well.
  • Evaluate the impact of your program so that you can make improvements along the way.



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