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It has been proven for sometime now that simple gestures such as taking the time to say thank you or highlighting a win can have as important an impact as improving psychological health, increasing engagement and even enhancing team performance. We also know that recognition is a fundamental human need.  We know all that…and engagement surveys continue to show that many employees want more recognition at work…


So why isn’t there more non-monetary recognition in our work environments? For two reasons. First, we still expect too much recognition from our immediate supervisor or from senior management of the organization.Yet, a gesture of recognition from a colleague or client is just as significant. Also, more often than not, we offer the type of recognition that we would like to receive ourselves… rather than offering recognition that is related to the needs of the other person. When we receive recognition that corresponds to our needs, the impact is multiplied tenfold, and we remember it too!


This guide therefore offers you an engaging way to select, as a team, the non-monetary recognition practices that will have the most impact. You’ll have everything you need to take simple, meaningful, and authentic actions that will have a positive effect on each team member.


  • You want to increase the level of engagement and therefore the productivity of your team.
  • You wish to implement simple, effective and personalized recognition practices.
  • You wish to involve your team in choosing the best recognition practices for them.


  • By discovering what has an impact within your team, using the suggested self-assessment grid.
  • By choosing (as a team!) the most important recognition activities for each and everyone.
  • By integrating the new practices into your daily work.


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