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You’ve probably already noticed that, in the face of adversity, some people seem naturally stronger or calmer than others. Some can, for example, overcome serious violence or a natural disaster. Others can cope with simultaneous shocks, such as the grief of a loved one and the loss of a job. Despite this, these people are able to make sense of what they have experienced, and then get back on their feet and be able to lead a full and meaningful life.


Many researchers have focused on the factors that enable certain individuals or communities to bounce back positively from a major shock. They have highlighted the concept of resilience, which is the ability to adapt to a traumatic event and then continue to develop normally.


Research shows that two essential elements help build resilience:


  • What a person possesses (their individual and collective resources)
  • What a person thinks (their way of thinking or their mindset)


Research also establishes that resilience is a process that can be broken down into several stages. And the good news is that we can develop our resilience! In this guide, we provide you with a process to assess how you react to adversity, and to identify what tangible levers you can use to strengthen your own resilience.


  • You experience a shock in your professional or personal life, and you would like to better understand the reactions and emotions it causes inside you.
  • You feel the desire to implement actions to activate your resilience and regain control over your life.


  • Follow the approach provided in this guide:
    • Assess your condition before the shock
    • Understand the shock and name your reactions
    • Identify resilience boosters that you can activate
    • Take stock and seize opportunities


Note: Coping with a traumatic event is rarely easy. Make sure you give yourself enough time and demonstrate authenticity and compassion for yourself by following the suggested approach. This is not a substitute for seeking help from a psychologist or health care professional.





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