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Oh, the infamous resistance to change! It’s easy to lump everything together. Mark disagrees with the new team merger that was recently announced? He’s resisting change. Judy is asking questions? She’s resisting change. Joey is struggling to let go of the old accounting system? He’s resisting change.

All of these reactions, which are often labeled resistance, are actually quite normal. It can be useful to identify the causes that lead people unsettled by change to react the way they do. More than anything, people need to understand where they are going, and to feel like they’ll survive the adventure. It’s often as simple as that!

By identifying where this reaction comes from, and being empathetic in regards to what each person is going through, we can find the right strategies to help them perform better, regardless of the challenges.


  • As soon as you observe behaviours or hear comments which lead you to understand that a response would be in order.


  • Use this tool to understand what’s likely to be going on in the hearts and minds of people affected by change.
  • Use this tool to prepare for meetings. You can make assumptions, which will then need to be validated by the people affected by change… an excellent reason to have a conversation!



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