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At work, do you feel like you’re truly surpassing yourself on a daily basis? What about your colleagues?


One might say this is easier said than done. To surpass oneself is to find motivation in giving the best of who we are, in developing our talents and those of our colleagues to reach a shared goal so that the organization can develop itself in turn. London Business School professor Daniel Cable describes the notion of Best Self as the concept of who you think you are when you are getting the most out of life, when you’re having the biggest positive impact on others or when you feel most alive.


How do we go about this? First of all, by allowing each person to capitalize on their strengths. When we use our strengths daily, doing work that aligns with our values, within a team that allows us to experiment, we activate our seeking system and are naturally moved to learn, to develop new skills and to take on meaningful challenges. Cable’s research has shown that people who use their strengths are more motivated, more purposeful, and zestful. They feel more “alive,” more able to explore, experiment and learn in their daily work. In a nutshell, they are able to surpass themselves.


This guide lays out a process to reveal each team member’s strengths and motivations. This way, you’ll know what to leverage to help your colleagues give the best of themselves, which will not only benefit them but will benefit your whole team, your clients, and your entire organization.


  • You want to harness each team member’s strengths.
  • You want to understand what motivates your team members.
  • You want to boost engagement and performance within the team and the entire organization.


  • First, by gathering information about your team members’ strengths, values, interests and thirst for learning.
  • Second, by unveiling and discussing the team profile.
  • This process can be done within a team, a department or an entire organization.


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