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You’ve just agreed to take on a project and you’re already hearing ʺGood luck! You’re going to have to do so much change management!ʺ Take a deep breath. This canvas, with its seven essential questions, will help you clarify the scope of a change, see the big picture, and identify the most relevant actions. To boost change, we must recognize the changes that are generated, as well as their operational and emotional impact on people.

These seven questions don’t do all the work in and of themselves: their main advantage is that they help you look at the project as a whole, which makes it a valuable reflection and communication tool, all on one page.

If you don’t have all the information, take it upon yourself to obtain the answers to your questions… because someone else is bound to ask them!


  • As soon as a change gets under way, to get a clear picture of all the dimensions it entails.
  • As you’re progressing, to make sure you’re properly aligned with the people affected by this change.


  • You can fill out this tool on an individual basis.
  • You can also bring together your natural team, your project team or a management committee to push this reflection further.


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