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Several research studies show that management practices contribute to psychological health when they promote the satisfaction of basic needs which are the same for every human being. According to Jacques Forest, professor and researcher at UQAM, “a psychological need is an element that stimulates wellbeing when it is satisfied and diminishes or jeopardizes psychological health when it is unsatisfied.”


To feel a state of psychological wellbeing, we all need…

  • Autonomy-i.e. feeling that we have the power to freely initiate and control our own behaviour, and to also act in accordance with our values.
  • To feel competentand effective in achieving our objectives.
  • And finally, social affiliation, which includes a sense of belonging and the nurturing of enriching social ties.


Reducing behaviours that interfere with meeting these needs (e.g., using threats or acting in an authoritarian manner) is also beneficial. It is therefore in our best interest to keep these needs high on our agenda.


Several management practices address these needs. This guide introducessix of these practices, all of which are human, compassionate and have a positive impact on the psychological health of your team.


  • You consider the psychological health of your team to be a priority.
  • You wish to foster the psychological health of your colleagues and collaborators through daily actions.



  • By finding out what has an impact on psychological health in the workplace.
  • By choosing one or two practices you wish to experiment with.
  • By integrating these new practices into your daily life.





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