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When someone asks for a meeting because they’re undergoing a difficult change, we tend to believe that they’re seeking advice on our part. However, the efficiency of our support has been demonstrated to be linked to the quality of the questions we ask.

Why are questions so important? Because they allow us to reflect, to discover better solutions, and invite us to take action. Questions aren’t threatening; they create trust and awareness instead of judgment.

This tool provides six specific questions to ask someone who feels unsettled by change. These questions will allow them to look at the situation from different perspectives, to envision the different possibilities ahead, and to identify what they need to take action.

As tempting as it may be, don’t interrupt and don’t talk about yourself!


  • You want to support people who feel unsettled by change.


  • By having the right mindset for this type of discussion.
  • By making it a habit to ask questions instead of telling the other person what to do, as an expert.
  • By getting a clear picture of what the person needs, in order to better support them.


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