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When one of your team members comes to you to discuss their issues or concerns, do you react as a coach or do you generously share your best advice with them? If your natural reflex is to:

  • Answer all their questions…
  • Listen patiently while hoping they’ll be done soon so you can give them good advice and get back to what you were doing, before they interrupted you…
  • Generously share what you’d do if you were in their position…

… your intentions are good, but you’re positioning yourself as an expert or an advisor.


To become a better coach, as a manager, you must make a deliberate choice and work on developing new reflexes. That said, it can be challenging to let go of your roles as an expert and advisor – these are rewarding roles indeed!


In contrast, your role as a “manager-coach” will be to guide the employee and help them find their own answers, so that they can solve the issue at hand themselves.


This guide presents three techniques central to the coaching approach in management. And do you know what will be even more rewarding? Seeing your team members develop their autonomy, learn by themselves and implement solutions they found on their own.


  • Someone asks for your time to discuss one of their concerns.
  • During individual meetings with your team members.


  • By developing an empathetic attitude, centered on curiosity to fully understand the situation.
  • By developing the art of asking questions instead of telling others what to do.
  • By resisting the temptation to say too much, to listen better.




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