Which Key Players Should Be Invited Into a Change Process?

Too often, the people impacted by organizational change are seen as ʺvictimsʺ of this change. It shouldn’t be so: in the best scenarios, all key players should be invited to participate in the change process. The three steps outlined in his tool will help you reach three goals (can you spot the trend?)

1.List all the key players who are likely to be interested in the change process, in any way.

2.Identify, for each group of key players, the areas that are most likely to be impacted. You’ll then be able to prioritize the groups who will be most impacted by the change process.

3.Identify the potential contribution of each of these groups to the change process.

By measuring the scope of the change for each group impacted, you can choose the appropriate strategies and have a positive influence on the level of individual commitment.


  • As soon as the process starts or an organizational decision has been made, in order to properly plan how to involve the relevant players.
  • As you’re progressing, to make sure that you’re properly aligned with the people affected by this change.


  • You can fill out this tool on an individual basis.
  • You can also bring together your natural team, your project team or a management committee to push this reflection further.
  • You should also validate your perception directly with the key players identified.



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