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A unique, simple, and engaging consultation platform. 

What's Heatmap?

Because the changes we like are the ones we recognize ourselves in, we have developed Heatmap, a unique and engaging consultation platform to consult your teams and employees. It allows you to chart the elements present within a group whether it be current strengths and those to be developed, values or common aspirations, revealing a wealth of valuable information at a glance. 

Why is Heatmap so hot?

Heatmap makes the invisible visible by revealing what exists within your organization’s teams and employees. Focusing on the essentials, this consultation tool facilitates decision-making, fosters engagement and accelerates the transformations you are striving for.

Get your employees involved…

      • To develop of transform your culture
      • To develop a promising vision
      • To mobilize all the talent in your organization
      • To give meaning to your strategic decisions
      • To distinguish yourself by your way of doing things!

"We organized a workshop to reveal the strengths present within our team. The Heatmap generated great group dynamics and discussions. I'm really happy with the result, we will even display the Heatmaps in our offices!"

 – Lydia Chalut, Human Resources Counselor

Groupe Raymond

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Take the right steps


Define enlightening, insightful and engaging questions

It is the firebrand of any process, whether the consultation is about your employees’ strengths, values or aspirations. This is what makes it possible to…

    • Gather data to make informed choices and achieve your business priorities
    • Channel the diversity of viewpoints and their commonalities
    • Create excitement, mobilize and trigger engagement simultaneously


Consult your teams

The procedure is simple. Simply share a personalized URL with your employees so that they can participate in your consultation while preserving their anonymity. There is no limit to the number of people who can be consulted. The important thing is to place all individuals at the heart of your process.


Reveal the portrait of your consultation

Thanks to Heatmap, you can instantly locate all the essential information about…

    • Values
    • Forces
    • Behaviours
    • Skills
    • Beliefs
    • Priorities
    • Aspirations



Identify the convergences, divergences, surprises, questions and implications of the results. Make informed decisions and integrate them into your strategies. Communicate the results of the consultation to your teams in one click and at the time of your choice (if you wish!). Involve them in the next steps in order to keep the momentum going.

How to involve them further?

To help your teams transform themselves and embody the vision you have created together, use Teamtonic, the first development solution for teams who want to develop their skills, work better together and strengthen their organizational culture in their daily work.

Heatmap, the hot solution for...

Strategic planning

To provide an inspiring vision, strategic planning must build on employees’ values, strengths and aspirations.

Potential questions:

  • What makes you proud to work for our organization?
  • On what values should we anchor our future development?
  • If you were the CEO, which project would you prioritize?
  • What behaviours are you willing to change in order to achieve your vision of…?

Cultural evolution

To be strong, an organizational culture must be based on what is important to the organization and the individual.

Potential questions:

  • What do you value most in your personal life?
  • Where are we doing well? What are our greatest strengths?
  • What values best describe our organization today?
  • To achieve our vision, what values should we use as a foundation for future development?

Engaging employees

We promote the development of a team by activating the strengths, values, aspirations and skills of each individual, which in turn allows us to work better together and create a culture of excellence.

Potential questions:

In terms of development

  • Currently, what are our greatest strengths in the team?
  • What do we want to develop further as a team in the coming year?


In terms of employer brand

  • What values do you think best describe us as an employer today?
  • To attract and retain the best talent, what values should we put forward on a daily basis?

Let's stop asking employees whether they are engaged or not.
Let's give them the means to be.
Engage. Reveal. Transform.

Heatmap serves your organization

With our Heatmap consultation platform, we make it easy for organizations to undertake processes that are usually complex. Together, let’s finally create the organizational synergy you’ve always dreamed of. It’s possible, and it’s simpler than you think.

Rest assured, our experts will guide you throughout the process and ensure that your objectives are met, whether you need to define a promising vision or develop a concrete action plan, while activating a modern and inspiring approach that will engage and inspire all of your employees.


Included in the Heatmap platform access:

  • Initial account setup
  • One-hour videoconference tutorial (creating a consultation, putting it online and displaying the results)
  • A questionnaire on the theme of your choice (strengths, values, etc.) that can be modified and duplicated according to your needs.
  • Full autonomy in the creation and administration of an unlimited number of internal surveys during the access period.
  • Technical Support

*Additional costs: additional topics, tailor-made questionnaires and consulting services.  


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