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Boostalab breaks new ground ! Introducing Boostalab’s new Heatmap Approach.

What’s the Heatmap Approach?

It’s a consultation process that helps you move forward. It’s using a consultation platform to kickstart a cultural transformation, to co-create your strategic plan or to foster your team’s development. It’s being able to discover, in real time, the strengths, values, and aspirations of a group to move towards a strong future.

The process in three steps :

Step 1

Survey the stakeholders — employees, citizens, or clients — by placing them at the center of the process, thanks to a simple and engaging consultation platform

From the very beginning of the process, the stakeholders will co-create a culture that aligns with their values, a vision that will guide their strategic planning, and the success factors that will foster their development.

Step 2

Discover results transparently and in real time, to strengthen the bonds among key stakeholders

Results are represented visually through a heatmap, and instantaneously available to all. The shared values, the diverse array of strengths and the common aspirations of a team can be discovered at a glance.

Step 3

Jump into action and visualize your progress

To make your initial intent come to life, we have a Boostalab-style process for you: simple, tangible, and practical. Whether this means a sequence of interventions, a mobilization strategy or a skills development plan, the Heatmap Approach includes all you need to achieve your initial goal.

A few weeks or a few months into the process, it’s a good idea to take stock of the changes that are underway. A second Heatmap round with your stakeholders will help visualize your progress, reinforce the process, or course correct as needed. This way, your stakeholders are mobilized and part of the process continuously.

Why a Heatmap Approach?

Because a strong organizational culture must be rooted in common ground, between what motivates individuals and what exists within the organization. Because strategic planning must be based on the values shared by employees, citizens or clients to bring an inspiring vision to life. Because fostering the development of a team means boosting the strengths, values, aspirations, and skills of its members in order to better work together.

Engaging and collaborative, the Heatmap Approach is a unique solution in today’s market.

You’re ready to begin a cultural transformation, to elaborate a strategic plan or to foster your team’s development and the Heatmap Approach seems like the right fit?

You’re absolutely right! The Heatmap Approach gives you the best that Boostalab has to offer: a simple, tangible and actionable solution, enabling you to better work together and to create human-centered and inspiring workplaces. Tell us more about your need by filling the form below. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss things further and find the solution that fully meets your needs.

We’re looking forward to discovering your own organization’s Heatmap!

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