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How to Boost Collaboration : Workshop Facilitation Toolkit

You wish to improve collaboration within your team? You’re interested in learning more about the collaborative strengths of your team members? Did you intend to organize a meeting on the topic, but don’t have time to prepare the facilitation material? Here’s all you’ll need to host a 2-hour workshop on collaboration.

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Custom Guides

Let us create the custom material you need

Give your organization the opportunity to foster excellence, boost performance and improve wellbeing.

Customized material

You need a specific guide that doesn’t exist yet? You’d like to have guides developed for your organization’s specific needs?

Whether it’s to develop a specific skill, reinforce a positive behaviour, foster professional development or any other challenge your organization faces, we can develop practical and personalized material that will fully meet your needs, whether it’s learning paths, videos or guides.

You have a need in mind? Trust your instinct! Give your organization the opportunity to learn what it needs to foster excellence, boost performance and improve wellbeing.

The creation of custom material includes:

  • A meeting together so that we can fully understand what you need
  • Researching and identifying content that responds precisely and relevantly to the need we identified together
  • Two rounds of validation and edits, to ensure you’re 100% satisfied
  • A tangible, easy-to-implement Boostalab resource, that presents a high-quality process which takes into account knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.

Here are a few examples of custom resources we created for our clients

  • Path: Leadership development
  • Microlearning Path : Developing Agile Leaders
  • Microlearning Path : Creating a Deliberately  Developmental Culture (Culture of Excellence)
  • Self-Directed Learning Path (Relational Agility, Digital Agility, Collaboration and Synergy)
  • Themed Toolbox : Psychological Health and Well-being at Work
  • Guide – How to Develop a Skills Profile
  • Guide – How to Develop Collaboration Within Our Organization
  • Guide – How to Ask for Client Feedback
  • Guide – How to Launch a Project in an Engaging Way
  • Guide – How to Generate Solutions as a Team
  • Guide – How to Foster Trust When Managing Remotely
  • Guide – How to Prepare Employees for an Open-Plan Workspace
If you agree, we can then depersonalize the contents and make them available on Boostalab, so that our entire community can benefit. That gets you a 50% rebate!


Contact us to get more information. Tell us the name of your organization and which topic interests you. We will get back to you shortly.

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Click the link below to schedule a call with us so we can discuss about your organization’s needs.

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Custom Workshops

Give your team the opportunity to boost their skills

Offer your employees the knowledge they need to boost their development with a workshop tailored for their needs.

Customized workshops

You want your teams to experience a unique development opportunity by offering a training workshop on a specific topic? We can offer it! More advantageous than traditional HR training, our workshops are created like our guides, with the same eye for relevance: modern work practices are laid out thanks to a tangible, action-oriented approach.

Your managers and employees will gain all the necessary tools to quickly implement what they learned and boost their skills. You’ll be happy to witness such engagement!

Our workshops can be facilitated autonomously by your own managers and HR professionals, or call upon the Boostalab experts, as you prefer.

The creation of custom workshops includes:

  • A meeting together so that we can fully understand what you need
  • Researching and identifying content that responds precisely and relevantly to the need we identified together
  • Two rounds of validation and edits, to ensure you’re 100% satisfied
  • The facilitation material: a detailed facilitation guide, a visual presentation with adaptation rights, the participant workbook, and alignment with existing Boostalab guides.

Here are a few examples of custom workshops we’ve created for our clients

  • How to Renew Collaboration in an Open-plan Workspace?
  • How to Foster Trust Within a Team
  • How to Evolve the Manager’s Role
  • How to Boost Team Meetings
  • How to Lead a Discussion on Communication Styles

If you agree to make the contents available on Boostalab, so our entire community can benefit from it, you’ll get a 50% rebate.


Contact us to get more information. Tell us the name of your organization and which topic interests you. We will get back to you shortly.

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Click the link below to schedule a call with us so we can discuss about your organization’s needs.

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How to discover hidden skills within your team

Do you feel like you’re fully using all of your skills? In many organizations, we only recognize the skills someone uses in their current position and disregard the rest. If you’re only using, say, 70% of your skills, and that your colleagues are doing the same, aren’t you missing out? For organizations that wish to foster collaboration and performance within its teams, making full use of existing talents is a must.


How much do you know about your team members’ strengths and skills? What if sharing them helped the team’s productivity and adaptability? The strength of a team is much greater than the sum of its parts.


Using the Johari window technique, this guide will help you facilitate a workshop to discover the breadth of your colleagues’ skills, namely:

  • those they know they possess (public area and hidden area)
  • those they don’t (blind area and unknown area)


  • You want to discover all the skills that your team members possess, beyond their job description.
  • You want to foster engagement by calling upon your team members’ multiple talents.


  • No need for an external facilitator to lead this workshop. Follow the instructions and trust yourself.
  • Plan enough time afterwards to facilitate a group discussion about what you discovered. It’s bound to be rich.
  • Note that the skills cards have been purposely left blank. Write down specific skills related to your team’s mission.



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5 reasons to sign up with Boostalab

Why sign up for Boostalab?

If you’re a leader or an HR professional, you care about the wellbeing of the people around you, and you hope to keep evolving so that you can inspire your colleagues, turbocharge your team and have a positive impact on your organization’s success. Guess what? So do we. That’s why Boostalab eliminates the hurdles to your own development: the lack of time, support, resources and inspiration. For real!

sign up for Boostalab?


Boostalab supports you through developing your skills

Each guide gives you tips and tricks, as well as as a step-by-step course of action geared towards your success. Beyond its guides, the thousands of members of the Boostalab community are there, right on the site, to discuss best management practices.


We offer very
tangible guides

Two to three pages, tops! Focused on implementing sound practices, rather than great management theories, they go straight to the point. We do the research for you. The time you’ll need to invest in your training is simply the time required to read the guide and to get ready to take action. Did we say effective?


Find the solutions you need to address your professional and team challenges at all times

No need to wait for your yearly training, or to painstakingly analyze 4 million hits on Google to improve your skills and develop your leadership.


Boostalab guides promote modern and up-to-date management practices

Grounded in research and inspired by the best work practices, the guides are designed to elicit collaboration, autonomy and creativity, thus fostering a more human-centered and inspiring workplace. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?


And what’s best?
Our formula is beyond affordable!

You’ll never find a more advantageous opportunity to invest in yourself.

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How to Increase Psychological Safety Within a Team

You want to improve your team’s performance? Some elements are recognized as important contributors, namely having clear goals and creating an atmosphere where team members know they can rely on one another. However, studies have shown that one factor is even more crucial for successful teams: psychological safety.


Psychological safety helps create a climate where team members feel like they can express their ideas, have the right to make mistakes, and feel free to be themselves, even in moments of vulnerability! They are therefore more creative and resilient, collaborate better with one another, and are better able to solve complex issues. Yes, all of this!


When the feeling of psychological safety is low, impacts are quick to manifest themselves: people feel threatened and become more resistant. They momentarily lose their reasoning skills, let emotion dictate their actions, are less able to find solutions and may eventually feel powerless and unmotivated.


What conditions could be put in place to foster psychological safety within your team? With this guide, you can quickly assess the behaviours that increase the feeling of safety, be it in an individual or group setting. This process is just as valuable to managers as it is for all team members who wish to better work together!


  • You want to increase trust, collaboration and performance within your team.
  • You want to have an authentic look at yourself to assess behaviours that foster a feeling of psychological safety.


  • Start by conducting a self-assessment.
  • You can also ask each of your team members to conduct their own self-assessment, and have a group discussion about it afterwards. Are you allowed to make mistakes together?


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How to Foster Psychological Proximity When Working Remotely

Does your organization allow remote work? Is your team spread out across several locations? While working remotely provides tremendous opportunities for autonomy, which is a key driver of engagement, it comes with its own set of challenges. When we see each other less often, we must learn to work together, and revisit the way we communicate to avoid ambiguity and unspoken resentments. By doing so, we prevent dissatisfaction and conflicts. How can we create and maintain healthy relationships with colleagues without sharing a workspace? How can we foster collaboration between two people working remotely?

Out of sight, out of mind? That’s unlikely, with these particularly efficient ways of fostering psychological proximity when working remotely. Regardless of the technological tools you used, these human-centered practices are easy to integrate in your day-to-day. All that’s required is a little preparation, openness towards continuous dialogue.


  • You are part of a team that works remotely, occasionally or on a permanent basis, and wish to build and maintain healthy relationships with your colleagues, as if you were sharing the same workspace.
  • You feel like you’re slowly losing the feeling of proximity with some colleagues you don’t see regularly.
  • Your organization now offers the opportunity to work remotely, and you worry that distance might be a challenge for your team.

You wish to increase the feeling of proximity despite the physical distance with your colleagues who are traveling.


  • Read the list of suggested actions, and pick the first 3 that you wish to implement with your team.
  • Once new reflexes have been developed, pick the next 3 actions.
  • Create a shared document titled “How to Foster Psychological Proximity Within Our Team” (with Google Docs, for example) and ask for your colleagues’ ideas!

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How To Promote A Healthy Working Atmosphere?

Managers have every reason to pay attention to the atmosphere and interpersonal relationships within their team. Studies show that the best performing teams are those where members demonstrate kindness and caringtowards each other.

Still, behaviours that disrupt the work atmosphere run rampant – one in every two people report witnessing incivility on a regular basis in their workplace, and 96% of individuals report having experienced such behaviour at some time or another!

Whileit remains the organization’s and its managers’ role to establish the rules and enforce them to prevent deterioration, maintaining a healthy working atmosphere is a shared responsibility within a team. Employees should therefore be aware that they’re expected to act civilly, namely establishing and maintaining relationships that show respect, collaboration, politeness, courtesy and proper manners. This includes behaviours as specific as avoiding dominating a conversation without regard for others, ensuring the cleanliness of the physical workplace, or apologizing when arriving late to a meeting.

This tool provides six ways to promote a healthy working atmosphere, whether in prevention or in intervention mode.


  • Anytime! Maintaining a good working atmosphere is a legal obligation in many countries, states or provinces.


  • By acting preventively, e.g., by expressing explicit expectations, or by recruiting people who adhere to your organizational values.
  • By taking swift action when disruptive behaviours manifest themselves.


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4 Collaborative Strengths

Collaboration is on every lip: everyone agrees that collaboration at work is important! Meanwhile, few people know how to collaborate effectively. Here are four strengths to master for better collaboration within a team. We’re not aiming for each person demonstrate all of these strengths: what’s important is that they all be present within the team.
What do you think these strengths may be?


Finding commonalities between different colleagues, teams, projects or ideas comes naturally to you: you work for your organization (with a capital “O”), are community-minded and know how to rally the troops. You like to strike two birds with one stone: combining and converging the efforts of several others with the same actions. You’re known for your ability to unite forces towards shared goals.



You fully experience the power of networking. You understand that it’s better to build bridges than to burn them. If the organization was a spider web, we’d find you at the heart of it. You have connections with many people, and easily orient yourself within the organization – some would even say you have the map! Others naturally come to you to ask, “Do you know anyone in this sector?” And if you don’t know the person directly, you undoubtedly know someone who knows someone.



You possess the distinct ability to simultaneously perform in two ways: results in your own work AND results through collaboration within the organization. You’re willing to ask for support and also ready to give it when the opportunity arises. You’re weary of people who work more for their own benefit than for that of the organization. You enjoy working within multidisciplinary teams, where everyone can bring a unique and complementary perspective.



The strength of your commitment and sense of responsibility makes things happen. You’re “anti-standstill”: you take matters into your own hands and make sure they move forward. You are reliable and therefore trusted, and a sought-after collaborator because you don’t shy away from responsibility. You enjoy accomplishing tasks and getting things done. We can count on you to set the record straight –it’s no good trying to hide from one’s responsibility!

Take the test again

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How to Lead a Project Monitoring Meeting

A project team has a mission: to deliver expected results within agreed-upon deadlines. Each person has their own responsibilities, but it’s through the team’s collaboration that this mission can be accomplished. The project monitoring meeting is an efficient way to share information and report on progress, but too often it ends up being a way to simply confirm that the team is on schedule. Yet, this project monitoring meeting can also be a key to more efficient teamwork, a place to share best practices and to work together to find solutions to the – oh so many – issues that will arise during the project. For this to happen, the project monitoring meeting must foster synergy. This is what this tool is all about: a way to lead the project monitoring meeting so that it is both thorough and efficient about the progress of deliverables, while creating synergy within the team.

This 2-in-1 tool includes:

  • The agenda to organize and lead the meeting.
  • The project tracking sheet for feedback on deliverables and team synergy.


  • According to the frequency established during the project launch.
  • As the project is progressing, when you feel the need to take stock as a team.
  • When you notice that the team needs to realign on the project goals, or that better teamwork could be beneficial to the success of the project.



  • Have this project tracking sheet filled by all parties before the meeting (choose the PDF version of this tool, or use this ready-to-use shareable Google Sheet).
  • Prepare the meeting in light of the feedback received from the project team.
  • You can either push the meeting back if you notice that everything is as it should be, or plan for a meeting duration that fits with the specific issues to be addressed.
  • During the meeting, take the time to go over priorities, but also address team synergy.
  • As a team, commit to finding solutions together.



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How to Launch a Project in an Engaging Way

You’re given a project? Exciting! You won’t be the only one working on it? Even better! Now, how can you make sure that your collaborators are as enthusiastic as you are, and that they’re aligned towards the same goal? By organizing an engaging project launch. Often referred to as a kick-off meeting, this moment allows you to give the same information to everyone who will play a role in delivering the project.

The participants in this meeting don’t necessarily know each other, or aren’t used to collaborating with one another? No worries: the meeting sequence provided in this tool also allows you to create the right climate for a successful project.

Thanks to this launch meeting, you’ll have given out all of the information required to get the project started, goals will be clear for everyone involved, and the team will have established their preferred work methods to make this project is a success. All in two hours, tops!


  • When you receive the go-ahead to launch a project.
  • After having met with every person involved on an individual basis, to clarify what contribution is expected of them and to validate their interest in the project.


  • Prepare the meeting agenda, drawing from the sequence suggested on the next page.
  • Use the project sheet, which you’ll have previously completed and validated with the project owner. You can enhance the information during this meeting.
  • Invite every person who’s been called upon to contribute to the project, since the purpose of this meeting is to specify who does what and when. The people impacted by the project but who aren’t contributing to deliverables can be informed in a different way.
  • Some team members are working remotely? Don’t forget to invite them to take part in the meeting, either on the phone or through videoconference, so that everyone is present when the project is launched and the collaboration is established.
  • Be transparent in presenting the project, the potential issues and the related risks.


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About Us

Do you dream of a more human-centered and inspiring workplace?

At Boostalab, that’s what we believe in, wholeheartedly. We also believe that the world of work is yours to build.

That’s why we offer tangible solutions for leaders and HR professionals wishing to turbocharge the development of their teams, meet their management challenges, and develop their skills. We promote current, inspiring and easy-to-implement work practices. It’s like having a coach at your fingertips!

Forget traditional HR training: all you need is a Boostalab subscription to have access to the most up-to-date ideas. Whether through practical guides, webinars or workshops, we give you the opportunity to build a working world that is more human and inspiring.


A fabulous team

Mélanie Lambert



Which means the ability to take people and projects from something beautiful to something superb by making the most of their best aspects. With Boostalab, maximization opportunities abound: clients coming to us with inspiring needs, wishes from our community members, and Solime’s genius ideas, of course!

See her profile

Solime Gaboriault



Which means having the power to identify underlying concepts and to unite ideas which first appear unlinked. With Boostalab, there are so many ideas, both for guides and for the growth of the company. Combined with Mélanie’s maximization power, each great idea gets a boost and becomes excellent!

See his profile

Pascale Martin



Which is the power to seek consensus within every situation by uniting the strengths of all things. With Boostalab, it allows me to combine my creativity with calculated goals and therefore participate in the deployment of this company which inspires me continually.

Sophie Racine



Which means the power to accept others as they are, to be aware that others can feel excluded and do everything to include. With Boostalab, I have the privilege to develop content and partake in collaborations that promote inclusion, development and fulfillment.

Fantastic contributors

Julie Gouin



Which is the power to keep an eye towards the future to inspire today’s action, both for oneself and for others. In coaching situations, it allows me to help my clients understand the full potential of their situation, which has a transformative effect. Looking towards the future allows us to challenge the status quo and wander off the beaten path.

See her profile

Julie Bourbonnais



Which is the power to draw upon the uniqueness of different individuals to create fruitful collaborations. As an organizational psychologist, I bring people with different interests and talents together to work on joint projects. By taking full advantage of the different strengths within the team, we increase the chances of combining wellbeing and performance.

See her profile

Josiane Lavoie



Which is the power to see the untapped potential in others. I’m deeply convinced that humans strive for the best, and support individuals and organizations to find their sources of energy and vitality.

See her profile

Mathieu Guénette


Finding meaning

Which means the power to help others navigate through ambiguity and structure their reflection so that they can better define the essence of who they are, and where they are going. This is just as helpful to those who are seeking to better manage their career as for managers looking to get to know candidates better during a hiring process.

See his profile

Catherine Bédard




Which is the power to juggle with ideas—both mine and those of others—and to be curious in order to learn and to help others learn. I’m passionate about bringing ideas together, mixing them up and creating something new and meaningful with them. This is  a constant process which allows us to go further in collaborating and experiencing thrilling projects!

See her profile

Fabienne Marier




Which is the power to put oneself in someone else’s shoes to better grasp how they are feeling. This allows me to frame all communications based on the other person, and to address them as whole individuals rather than as a simple number.

Chloé Gaudet



Which is the power to transform thoughts into action, in order to set things into motion. This allows me to implement winning strategies to help my clients progress more easily towards their goals, and to give them clarity when things get more complex. And all of this in a climate that promotes kindness and performance.

See her profile

Josée Pelletier



Which is the power to transform something strong into something great. It allows me to transform ordinary spaces into performance levers by positioning the office as a strategic tool where one’s potential contributes to the success of a mutual mission.

See her profile

Richard Pineault



Which is the power to see links between all things: there are no coincidences, events are not random. Collaborating with Boostalab is therefore no coincidence. I quickly connected with the team because we share a passion for human-centered practices.

See his profile

Maryse St-Denis



Which is the power to capture point of views and ideas from different horizons and combine them into a thorough situation assessment. Il allows me to consider everyone’s interests and make connections in order to create the necessary openness to develop solutions that meet the collective needs.

See her profile

Hugo Lambert



Which is the power to transform thoughts into action in order to bring ideas beyond expectations. Charismatic and unifying by nature,  I aim to continuously improve people’s well-being through innovative approches in health and social services. 

See his profile

Marie-André Rodrigue


Create links

Which is the power to see how different and opposite ideas can be combined in order to create a better solution for everyone. Whether it is to reconcile the opinions of a group or connect various fields of professional and artistic skills, I like to consider all sides of the human experience when turning an idea into reality.

Sylvie Beausoleil



Which is the power to follow a clear sense of direction, identify priorities, and adjust as needed to stay on course. Amid turmoil, finding meaning to our actions is paramount. I’m passionate about helping people and teams define their destiny, light up their way, and inspire them with the energy they need to realize their aspirations.

See her profile

Jacques E Tremblay



Which is the power to transform something strong into something superb by emphasizing its strengths. Convinced that the strengths of individuals, teams and communities can propel them to offer the best of what they are, I am keen to highlight them and turn them into levers. When it takes shape, joy becomes contagious!

Would you like to contribute to Boostalab?

Contact us at hello@boostalab.com

A little history…

The original idea arose over a shared meal at Déjeuner Cosmopolitain, known for its legendary half-mashed potatoes. Solime was looking for ways to simplify change management within organizations, and wanted to write a revolutionary book on the topic. Mélanie, recently returned from a family trip around the world, was inspired by the idea of social enterprise, and wanted to help managers better use their tools and their inspirations to develop their leadership. Those two ideas, different but complementary, created the first spark, which eventually grew during a workshop on organizational renewal held by George Pòr at HEC Montreal. Mélanie and Solime ended up missing part of the workshop as they agreed to embark on the Boostalab adventure for real—nothing closes a deal like shaking hands atop a cafeteria table.

Even though the founders were both working full-time as management consultants, they still launched a prototype, including a website and some guides. This convinced them that Boostalab was the answer to a real need.

Today, the Boostalab community brings together nearly 2000 members from around the world. Many organizations, SMEs, NPOs and large companies call upon Boostalab to give their employees the tools they need to become better leaders, to improve upon their existing skills development programs, and to make their workspace more inspiring and more human.

Are you part of the adventure?

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