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A few tips to use Boostalab’s guides to their full potential

Boostalab guides hold infinite potential! They help you improve your skills, become a better leader and transform your workplace to make it more human-centered and inspiring, regardless of your position in the organization.

You can confidently apply the solutions put forward in the Boostalab guides.

Use the following tips :


Identify the situation

Start with a tangible situation that you’re currently experiencing, a challenge you’re facing, or a problem you’d like to solve.


Adapt the process

The guides give you a step-by-step process. Follow this process by adapting it to your own needs. A sentence doesn’t fit? Change it! Use the suggested solution as inspiration, and add what ingredients you have on hand: your own knowledge, your own experience, your own instinct! Trust yourself.



Try the steps that may at first appear unnecessary or unconventional… that’s where the magic lies! This is where you may find the missing piece, the innovative angle that will change everything or that will help you be a more human-centered and inspiring leader. Go ahead. Experiment. We believe in you! You may even discover some of your hidden talents.



Practice, practice, practice… Don’t try to get 10/10 on your first try: focus on learning. If your experience doesn’t go as planned, don’t be too hard on yourself: you’re evolving. Instead, ask yourself what you learned from the experience, and what you can do differently next time.


Share your experience

With the people involved, with a colleague, with your team, with the Boostalab community! Your testimonial can help others take action to create more human-centered and inspiring workplaces.

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