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You’ve heard of professional co-development groups and you know that this is an approach that allows for the ongoing development of one’s professional practice within a learning community. Are you curious to learn more and maybe even try it? Interestingly enough, it’s not always necessary to be accompanied by a professional to set up such a group. There is a simple yet rigorous methodology that can be used to set up a co-development group. Before starting, however, it’s important to ensure that the winning conditions are in place and that psychological safety is well established within the group.


This guide gives you the essentials for successfully setting up your first co-development group. The benefits of a co-development group are too many to not try: it enhances the expertise and experience of colleagues, develops the ability to talk constructively about professional challenges and contributes to peer development in a win-win approach. Who knows, with the results achieved, you may be tempted to continue the experience for a longer period of time?


  • You are committed to the continuous development of your professional practice.
  • You want to challenge your usual ways of doing things, gain in efficiency and be inspired by best practices.
  • You wish to better collaborate, exchange and develop as a community.



  • Plan a meeting, in person or virtually, of about an hour and a half for a group of 5 to 8 people. If you wish to hold several consecutive groups, plan between 3 hours and one day.
  • If you are a large group, divide it into sub-groups of 5 to 8 people. Several co-development workshops can easily be held in parallel.
  • Determine what role each participant will play in the meeting. For each co-development workshop, a client and a facilitator are appointed. The other participants act as advisors.
  • Distribute the attached client sheet to members who wish to take on the role of client at some point during the session.





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Josiane Lavoie

Avec une maîtrise en psychologie et un MBA, Josiane traite avec le même doigté les aspects humains et structurels des organisations. Son expérience de près de 20 ans comme conseillère, gestionnaire, facilitatrice et coach lui permet de cerner rapidement les enjeux qui lui sont présentés.

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