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On your way back from a conference on the evolution of performance management practices, you’re thinking, “Wow! Continuous dialogue is exactly what I want for my organization!” Your colleague shares an article on feedback that changes your perspective entirely and you start thinking, “We’d learn so much faster if we asked for feedback amongst ourselves…” And yet, in the same breath, you start wondering if your team is ready to implement all this. Are your team members willing to work together that closely to learn and foster their development?

True, some basic conditions need to be present if we want to openly share our strengths and development opportunities with our colleagues. But learning this together is a powerful development accelerator – so why do without? Several factors foster open and authentic exchanges between colleagues. Are they present in your team? Is your team ready to go even further in its development?


This guide provides you with a list of key indicators so that you can have a critical look at the situation and identify if the right conditions are present. You’ll also find simple practices to implement so that you can learn and grow as a team… in case you need more inspiration!


  • You want to learn together to accelerate your development (individually and as a team).
  • You want to implement continuous feedback and dialogue amongst colleagues.
  • You want to check if your team is ready to take on bigger challenges, like a significant change, developing a specific skill or a cultural transition (e.g., agile mode, self-organization).


  • Complete the self-assessment and ask your team members to do the same.
  • Discuss your results as a team.
  • Discover new ways to learn together and grow as a team.
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