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In our daily professional life, we are called upon to take up all kinds of challenges. Sticking to what we are asked to do without questioning the way we do our work is possible. But we know it’s not the right thing to do! Research shows that being proactive is a key leadership skill. And in an ever-changing environment or in remote work contexts, this skill becomes even more essential. Indeed, it can be easier to slip into isolation and inaction when we are working at a distance. It is therefore important to seize opportunities and be proactive in order to remain part of a motivated team and to maintain healthy relationships.


Are you a person who goes outside their comfort zone and innovates? Are you action-oriented? Do you take initiatives and are you in “solution mode” even if the situation is difficult? In short, are you proactive?


This guide will give you a snapshot of your current behaviours with respect to being proactive and provide you with a few tips to develop this skill.


  • You want to seize more opportunities… or pass up fewer.
  • You want to jump into action faster by avoiding over-analysis before acting.
  • You intend to be more innovative in your job.
  • You want to face difficult situations with a more positive attitude.


  • Complete the suggested self-assessment.
  • Identify a behaviour to develop.
  • Use the various tips to become more proactive and take action.




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